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The output columns show: UID = user ID, PID = process ID (unique identifier for the process), D = direction (R = read, W = write), BLOCK = location on disk, SIZE = I/O size in bytes, COMM = process name, PATHNAME = trailing portion of file pathname.In that output I caught Google Chrome reading from a cache file (“data_2″), and writing to cookie files (“Cookies-journal” and “Cookies”)./Local Store/td_26_503 65002 W 385001320 4096 Tweet Deck ??/Local Store/td_26_brendangregg.db-journal 503 65002 W 385001320 4096 Tweet Deck ??/Default/Cookies 503 54079 W 134994176 4096 Google Chrome ??/Default/Cookies 503 54079 W 134994224 8192 Google Chrome ??The busiest (CPU) process will be at the top, since we sorted on cpu (“-o cpu”).The top was “firefox-bin” (Mozilla Firefox) at 98.8% CPU, which is in terms of a single processor (this has two).

While DTrace can see everything, there are some things already covered by easy-to-use (and easy-to-type) tools, like top(1).

You can find it here in Finder: You can also type “terminal” in Spotlight (the magnifying glass in the top right corner of your Mac’s screen), which should find it.

I usually drag it to my Dock so it’s easy to find later: When you first run Terminal, it’ll probably look like this: I find the default font small and hard to read.

/Local Store/td_26_^C [email protected]:~ The scripts follow. A note on style: if the script ends with “.d”, it’s a basic DTrace script. /Default/.dat8824.01b 503 65002 W 308056800 4096 Tweet Deck ??

If it doesn’t, then it’s a shell-wrapped script that provides command line options. And if you’d like to learn DTrace, I’d recommend starting by reading the basic ones. Each time a disk I/O completes, a line of output is printed to summarize it, including process name and filename details: Brendan-2:~ brendan$ sudo iosnoop UID PID D BLOCK SIZE COMM PATHNAME 503 54079 R 286522800 4096 Google Chrome ?? /Local Store/td_26_503 65002 W 308056864 4096 Tweet Deck ??

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If firefox stayed that high you could look for the responsible tab and close it down, or restart Firefox. DTrace requires admin privileges, so to use it you’ll usually need to type in a password to authenticate, provided you have administrator access (if you aren’t sure you do, click here to see how to check).

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