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Iris, promotional shot for her outside the movie On my life-writing political blog, ) The screenplay is by David Nicholls and the director Thomas Vinterberg, but what distinguishes the film is its presentation of Bathseeba as a pro-active competent intelligent entrepreneurial farmer-businesswoman; she is not a semi-sullen sex kitten (as was Julie Christie in part).I’ll Dream of You, featuring Blythe Danner, also has a male director and writer, Brett Haley and Mark Brasch, producers Haley and Rebecca Green, but its deep empathy with the lives of older women living alone, comic and realistic makes it a film whose audience is women.She says it has been much misunderstood because it’s not comic, but serious, realistic melodrama insofar as its genre allows.Tonight I want to endorse Heidi Thomas’s re-make by agreeing with Bastin.

It never played in DC itself and turned up in only one art cinema in Northern Virginia.

Gemma and Joubert (Gemma Atherton also played Tamara Drewe) The film might have been much better if it was as bitter as the book but then no one anywhere would have gone to see it.

Instead it presents these awful people neutrally, blandly, and makes Gemma still an utterly irresponsible selfish woman artist through the perspective of a now self-deprecating lecherous Joubert who sees the incongruities of what’s happening, is wry about the motives of the English people who live upper class lives in picturesque rural France.

A semi-comic serious scene of Carol with her support-group friends Izzy and I saw another re-make this time of a 1970s TV BBC mini-series, , from Karen Joy Fowler’s novel.

It was deeply moving and I hope many people will see it and think of (or go see in order to frame the movie accurately) Towdhidi’s previous films. The new (by Andrew Davies) only some 95 minutes, a TV adaptation in some ways also better than the much lauded (perhaps overpraised) lush sensual Merchant-Ivory one, despised the especially effective performances of Denholm Elliot, Daniel Day-Lewis and Maggie Smith, Judi Dench, Helena Bonham Carter.

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