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My memory of it is vivid, as if it happened yesterday: I remember being comfortably swaddled, warm, and cozy in my light blue baby blanket, while being held in my Mother's arms, when all of a sudden this loud cry – “LET THE FIRE FALL!” – rang out, yelled up from where we were at Camp Curry, at the base of Glacier Point, 3000 feet up to the top of Glacier Point. ” was then yelled back down from the top of Glacier Point to us all down below.Moments later this amazing flood of magma-looking, burning hot, red-orange embers spilled over the top, and down the face of Glacier Peak! One that I will enjoy telling my children all about when we visit there soon.[Editor] The only information I've seen in print is a press release published by the National Park Service which read as follows: "The Firefall, a fancy of James Mc Cauley’s that caught on, and was popular for almost a hundred years, died Thursday, January 25, 1968 in a blazing farewell. Hardly any congestion at all." Having said that, accuracy is important to me to.He is the only person in history to delay the Fire Fall.He was on an important phone call which he had to complete and he really wanted to see the Fire Fall. I am currently listing a letter on e Bay written 100 years ago from Camp Curry.In summer of 1951 my mom worked as a housekeeper at Camp Curry and at night she sang the Indian Love Song.

In the meantime, I'll have to stick with the date on record. I am a travel writer for The Sacramento Bee and am going to write about the Yosemite Firefall. Readers, if you have first-hand knowledge of the Firefall, for instance if you worked for the park, please contact Reed at [email protected] the Beautiful played over the amphitheater speakers and most of us remained silent, witnessing an event that even as kids we thought was pretty special.The walk back to our tents, listening to the calls for "Elmer" was the end of our night.Could you please suggest someone I could interview on the phone about this topic? Growing up in Simi Valley Ca, during the early 1960's , one of my best childhood memories was of the family camping trips to Yosemite.We went every year and for 5 or 6 years, no other place would do for family camping.

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