Saints row the third validating

He began the year slowly, but has scored five times in the past four contests.

I'm giving this a "B." I don't want to grade this harshly because Carson Wentz loves throwing to Jeffery, but I'm not sure Jeffery is No. A contract with million guaranteed is obviously a lot, and it happens to be as much as Emmanuel Sanders obtained recently.

Fitzgerald is 34, but he's still a terrific receiver.

He has 60 catches for 677 yards and three touchdowns this season despite being paired with decrepit and pedestrian quarterbacks.

I expect him to rebound in 2018, but I thought the Packers would be able to buy low on him. Still, I'm not going to give Green Bay a poor grade for this.

Re-signing Linsley was important, as he's one of the five men who will be charged with making sure that Aaron Rodgers doesn't suffer another injury next year. Follow me @walterfootball for more hiring/signing grades and updates. This would have been a ton of money for Davante Adams a year ago.

Fitzgerald signed a 1-year extension worth million, so his contract will now expire in March 2019.

This is obviously an outstanding move for the Cardinals.

There's no guaranteed money for the second year, so if Revis struggles, Kansas City can just get rid of him with no penalty. I won't quite give it an "A" because there's a decent chance it amounts to nothing, but Revis might still be able to play effectively.

I would've criticized this signing greatly, as it could've been argued that Adams was purely a byproduct of Aaron Rodgers.

However, Adams took a huge step forward in his development this year.

He'll be able to play 15-20 snaps per game as a pass-rushing specialist to potentially help New England win its sixth Super Bowl. Harrison can only help, and it's not like the Patriots are risking anything by signing him. I'm a great conspiracy theorist, so the following possibility popped into my head: What if Mike Tomlin and Harrison orchestrated everything?

What if Tomlin told Harrison he wasn't going to play him at all to create the perception that they didn't get along for some reason, and then, as a consequence, they were going to release him for a "roster spot" - yeah, OK - so that he could go to New England and act as a sleeper agent? Follow me @walterfootball for more hiring/signing grades and updates. Bill Belichick has obviously enjoyed unprecedented success with the Patriots, but his one blind spot has been signing old, troubled receivers.

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While Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb struggled when Rodgers was out with an injury, Adams thrived.

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