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When you order the Gauge, for real-time, as you ride, monitoring for tuning purposes, we provide you the specialized harness plugs and wiring to connect your OEM O2 Sensors to our RSR Dual Air Fuel Ratio Gauge. We provide the plugs, wiring and hardware to splice the 12mm Delphi Sensors to our RSR Dual Air Fuel Ratio Gauge.It is the only method to monitor both front and rear cylinders of your bike as you ride.We have also created additional LSR 2-1 designs: 00-1393, 2" LSR 2-1 Turn Outs; 00-1394, 2" LSR 2-1 Slash Cuts; 00-1395, 2"LSR 2-1 5" Slash Cuts; 00-1396, 2" LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Spyders; 00-1397, 2" LSR 2-1 Black Holes; and 00-1398 2" LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Systems. Chrome and Silver Ceramic finishes can also be ordered.

Better than a dyno which tends to overheat your motor quickly with differing loads in the real world and things like the air cleaner picking up elevated temperatures, and dyno exhaust emissions skewing your tune.00-1306 Pro Stock Challenge on one of his 124" motors. More then impressed by the craftsmanship and performance of this pipe. I used the following parts from S&S on the engine: 98" Kit 83 CC CNC Heads 585 Gear Easy Start Cams Premium Travel Limited Lifters Forged Pump/Plate kit 58MM T-Body kit I love the B Style pipe and all that was needed to accommodate the footboard was spacers. I laugh when people roll their windows up as I cruise around town. I put a pro stock on my '84 shovelhead and liked it so much I wanted it for the wide glide. Thanks for your help and the recommendation to get the heat shields.Huge thanks to RB Racing and Dave Slagter at Cedar Bike Repair, Cedar Iowa, for all the help. The customer and myself are ecstatic with the look and sound of this pipe! I have been able to hit the drag strip a few times (I am running in the high 11's for now) and my bike sounds mean and looks pretty damn sweet with your pro stock pipe on it. It sounds great, looks great, and the bike rides great with it. Before I put them on, I burnt the leg a couple of times.You can really only do one wide-open throtte pull and one rpm site before the engine heats up too much.Best do real world data recording with the TTS while you ride and then evauate, in real time, your map with the RSR mili-second fast RSR Fuel Ratio Gauge.

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I finally settled on the black version for a more aggressive look ! I just had to struggle a bit mounting the 2’ primaries as there is very little space left to work a tool. My build is a 110ci drop in kit with SE259 cams, ported heads, 58mm TB with 4,9 injectors. As I am a DIY tuning enthusiast, I can make an objective comparison between the two pipes. Running my 4,9 g/s injectors with the Propipe, I used to stay around 80% maximum duty cycle at WOT with a 12,5 target AFR.

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  1. SO for example , if you want to downgrade to 2303 then you will downgrade your bios to 2103 first using afudos and then upgrade to 2303 using bupdater ,you can skip that step if you want and downgrade directly to the version you want using afudos (BUT DO IT ON YOUR OWN RISK).