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“I am proud that Massachusetts has taken the lead as the first state to order a comprehensive review of campus safety, which includes both active shooter threats and the prevalence of sexual violence, for all its public campuses.” “The report makes clear that strong local governance and better statewide coordination are essential to building a safe foundation for teaching and learning,” said Carlos E.

Santiago, Massachusetts Commissioner of Higher Education. “We cannot divorce campus safety concerns from academic or student affairs.

The document does not offer a one-size-fits-all prescription for improving campus safety, but puts the focus on the need for “nimble and flexible capabilities” that allow campuses to integrate safety and violence prevention efforts into strategic planning, budgeting and other ongoing priorities addressed by campus leaders.

“I thank the Department of Higher Education and the statewide task force members who came together to bring their expertise to bear on the important report on campus safety and violence prevention,” said Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito, Chair of the Governor’s Council to Address Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence.

Then have the target child identify the various feelings and guess what caused them. Provide direct teaching of social rules or conventions which guide interactions and which most children learn without direct input.

Then, teach strategies for dealing with situations that are difficult. Work with a psychologist and counselor to teach and improve social skills.

Therapies often teach children with Aspergers to recognize potential problem situations.

These might include how to greet somebody, how to initiate a conversation, taking turns in a conversation, and maintaining appropriate eye contact. Provide specific and structured activities which are to be shared with one or two selected classmate(s).

These might range from some jobs to be completed in the school during break or lunch time, games involving turn-taking, or tasks or mini-projects to be completed on the computer. Use a video of a situation to illustrate behavior that is inappropriate in, for example, causing irritation to other children. Also, make a video of the target child himself and discus where there are incidents of good social behaviors. Use games or role-play to focus on the viewpoint of another person.

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“They will allow us to remain competitive with other institutions in our bid to attract top talent, while also making good on our commitment to be effective stewards of state resources.” In addition to the policy changes approved by the Board, the Department of Higher Education staff will continue to offer training opportunities for local boards of trustees and will distribute “best practice” materials for their use in overseeing presidential leave time.

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