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When Junichiro renounces his Hill ancestry, Cotton declares his own personal war on Japan by deciding to spit in the Japanese emperor's face.

Connie and the guys form a bluegrass band and head to Branson, Missouri, against Kahn's wishes.Peggy works as a cleaning wench at a Renaissance Faire, where her boss (Alan Rickman) refuses to give his female workers equal pay and benefits.NOTE: Following news of suicides related to anti-gay bullying in late 2010 (and heightened public concern about bullying and homophobic harassment), Adult Swim cut a short scene where two teenagers call King Phillip's performance "gay" ("That is so gay").But Dale bungles the job, and nearly gets his friends killed by his opponent at the Gun Club. Peggy takes the school Spanish club on a field trip to Mexico, and ends up in trouble for kidnapping a Mexican girl named Lupe, thanks to Peggy's horrible comprehension of the Spanish language.Meanwhile, Hank finds himself the object of the affections of a female police officer (voice of Kathy Bates), who keeps pulling him over for various reasons in order to spend time with him.

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To give Dale his confidence back, Hank pretends to be "Mr.

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