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If God based law on strict justice, when you take out somebody’s eye you ought to lose your own. The oral law teaches us how God tempers justice with mercy.Together the written and oral law manage to convey the duality of God’s response: the harsh sentence that should be carried out and the merciful judgment that is in fact the law.It emphasizes humankind’s great faith in God but diminishes God’s faith in human kind.A God of law forces people to recognize that their blessings impose obligations, that privileges carry responsibilities and that obeying rules is the rent we pay for the gift of being allowed to live here on earth. One of them, Adoshem, Hebrew for Lord, emphasizes God’s attribute of love.Here are five common mistakes people make which need to be corrected: To speak of a Jewish race is to perpetuate a myth propagated by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime.In their fanatical quest to carry out a final solution, the total extermination of the entire Jewish people, the standard was “Jewish blood” going back countless generations.

But Jews long ago learned that their faith transcends boundaries, that with Torah they could find spiritual fulfillment even when they were in exile.

Even the smallest trace of Jewish ancestry was sufficient to warrant execution.

In fact, over the course of centuries and as a result of migrations around the globe, Jews developed a multitude of different physical characteristics because of their fusion with other racial blends wherever they lived.

From David will eventually come forth the Messiah whose mission is to bring the entire world together as children of one God.

No one can change their race but people can and have, through the ages, chosen to share their lot with the Jewish people.

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No, of course we shouldn’t, and put your mind at ease – in spite of this” fake news” the Torah doesn’t want us to either.

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