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It’s a bit harder to get laid here compared to Thailand but when you get it, it’s a very rewarding experience.

In contrast are the pro’s, these are a completely different story.

While in many other South-East Asian countries, prostitutes are fair game for shoring (i.e.

using game to seduce her so she’ll have sex with you out of attraction, rather than a monetary motive), but Vietnam is the hardest country to shore.

The street vendors won’t take no for an answer; if you don’t buy anything they will keep persisting, if you i Phone Snatchers I was filming Fisto with his i Phone as he walked fearless through a sea of passing motorbikes (this is the only way to cross a street in Saigon) when a motorbike drove right by me; and his random Vietnamese passenger tried to grab the i Phone from my hands as I was filming.

Pressure from environmental stresses – warfare, disease, famine, etc.Are cougars a recent phenomenon or a long-standing tradition?Cultural ecologists and feminist anthropologists have different opinions.These snatchers work fast and before you realize it they’re gone again.First, let’s talk about the normal, good Vietnamese Asian girls (non-pro).

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