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No charge for the download, copying, distributing or performing! an absurd thriller science themed stageplay by Jeannette Jaquish SUMMARY: Four squabbling urchins escape a mad doctor, a Julia Child / Frankenstein monster, a sickly lab rat and ravenous zombies. COST: 1st performance: ; Additional: each; or 1 year : . At least a 3 1/2 foot high platform for graveyard scene. All of the parents, students, and other teachers that saw it bragged on how good it was. " - - - Donna Huff, Pittman Center Elementary, Gatlinburg, Tennessee Classic story theater script adapted for stage by Jeannette Jaquish ACTORS: 23 to 40 all ages. I'm glad to hear that I can film it." --- Abi Harris, performance March 2011, Trinity Theatre, Cowes, Isle of Wight, England ~ * ~ Click to read the glowing theater review in the Isle of Wight County Press! Great for teachers, camp leaders and home schoolers! " -- Pippsi an absurd mystery script by Jeannette Jaquish A Great St. An funny, action-packed, edgy script perfect for experimental theater and mixed age casts.

I was feeling totally fine and then I just got, I don't know, a little bit nervous right when I got onstage, so… CAST: 4, Snow White and Three Odd Dwarves LENGTH: About 5 minutes. A catchy easy to learn short play about abusing the forest. The Big Guy, he thinks you're getting a bit old for this role, I mean how old are you? We just can't get actors any bigger to play the children without borrowing from the NBA or Ripley's Believe it or Not. If you were ever a human you held out a beggar's hat." FROG: "I teased a frail old woman, begging on the road. --I was a toad." o o o ~*~ o o o VERSION #2: SIMPLIFIED with MORE ACTORS in a Musical and NON-Musical version "Your play was a hit, and ended the year on a very high note! COST: 1st performance: ; Additional: each; for a year of unlimited performances. As this was the first thing I have ever directed, I was surprised by how easy the script made it for me. Age 13 and older ~ Kids love to read scenes and put on little performances. Belittleton "Once Grandma's servant stole her grand piano but she had no place to hide it so she dragged a carpet over it and told Grandma that the house's foundation was settling unevenly! Falling down the Rabbit Hole & Hallway of Doors and Pool of Tears involve some manipulation. ~*~ LICENSE THIS POSTER ART for --- "I recently ordered Alice in Wonderland from you and I would like to say it's fantastic and going great. Now you can hold your head up high around the prettier girls." -- Mrs. Need 3 to 7 kids and 6 to 21 teens or adults, actors can play multiple parts.

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