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The scent of fast food french fries filled the Cadillac Coupe with a scent that teased his nostrils.He was very tempted to reach into the paper bag in the passenger seat, and snatch a few fries to snack on, but resisted the temptation.Reaching the garage door, he stopped just in front of his large, 90s-style mansion.Mainly taking the appearance of white stucco and faux stones, it matched the handful of large houses surrounding the area in their private community.They could have afforded to hire a private chef to come in and cook their meals every day, but they had both come from modest upbringings, and didn’t see the need for such luxuries.But, with Michael’s company currently worth over two billion dollars, they could certainly enjoy the fine things in life.

I’m really just not in the mood.” Michael brought his hand back to his lap, and returned his attention to the tv.They married a year later, and had been together ever since.As he made his way into the living room, he sat down on the couch, and flipped on the tv.After a few minutes, Michael looked at his wife, appreciating her body for a moment.Despite looking like she had just gotten out of bed, her strawberry blonde hair was brushed and straight.

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